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To create competitive and value-driven products by working closely with our clients to identify the best strategies that will uncover the unique ideas that will delight users while achieving top business and market objectives. Our strategy build approach encompasses a wide range of innovation processes and time-proven methodologies, utilizing many different inputs flows.



We take the application design very seriously; it is the main touchpoint of the users with your company, business, and provided services. We aim to achieve seamless experience and exceptional interactions with your product. At its core, it is the entire user customer journey, which determines how successful the product will be. Our consultants make sure that your business objectives are met while at the same time provide to your customers - value and delightful experience.



With our vast experience in different technologies and sectors, we are dedicated to bringing the highest possible value for your product. We create custom-tailored solutions utilizing the latest technologies and considering all business requirements and their most effective execution path. We can create products by identifying the best combination of available technologies for your product – providing the best user experience, highest business value, and fastest time-to-market.



Adastra always strive to be one step ahead with the technology. We love to experiment and to advance in every technology and business direction. We always give to our clients a competitive advantage and new ways to grow. We provide solutions with the latest trends in science and technology, creating fast prototypes capturing the latest advancements to provide value in the shortest amount of time.

The App Development Process

Adastra strives to deliver the best product in the shortest amount of time to customers. This is only possible by following strict development processes and agile, incremental release cycles.

Scope definition and documentation

For every project, we carefully define the scope from start to finish. This is done in order to ensure that all the design and development requirements are met. This process happens before the contract is signed and ensures the quality standards and the requirements for the project.

This step is paramount in order to ensure project transparency, clear definition of the project goal, budget optimization, and to outline the main pillars inside the project lifecycle.


Preliminary design

At this stage, we create the visual guides and the foundation of the application by creating visual blueprint (wireframing) of the app. We conceptualize and create for every screen – what are the functions of the screen, all the required elements, pop-ups, etc.


High fidelity design

After the preliminary design stage, we take the wireframing blueprint to the next level by rolling out a full high-fidelity pixel perfect design. This will allow you to see how your final product will look like to your future users.


Product flow

At this stage, we create a non-functional prototype where you can see how your application works and transition between the screens. This is the final schematic of the application before programming the application.


Programming the application

This is the stage when the application becomes live. At this stage, all the code is written, including the code that runs the application, backend code, etc. This is the stage when the application becomes live and ready for testing.


Quality Assurance

During the previous phase, we incrementally build a working application and by testing it at every incremental build. The final quality assurance phase is all about perfecting the final product. We test all possible cases and scenarios in order to ensure that everything is working as expected, and the application is adhering to the highest possible standards.


Preparing the application for launch

We will prepare the application and will support your efforts to position it from day one of its launches. We provide flexible application licensing support after launch in order to cover any issues or errors.



We provide application maintenance licensing in order to ensure the application is always with the latest mobile features, UI practices, and it is following all App Store submission guidelines strictly. Our maintenance licensing includes the following services: 

  • Application maintenance
  • Application analytics
  • Application store optimization
  • Content updates
  • Customer and client support 

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