Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate your migration to the cloud to minimize disruption to the business.

Adastra tailors your cloud migration journey by selecting the right architecture that meets your specific business needs and ensures business continuity.

Our cloud consultants leverage a full suite of proprietary tools by leading cloud vendors to deliver cloud solutions at scale that lower the total cost of infrastructure.

Cloud Benefits


Maximize ROI by using only the resources you need. Automatically scale up or scale down your infrastructure as needs evolve, often in real-time.


Cloud providers regularly roll out updates to their software. You no longer need to worry about maintenance of your generic IT infrastructure.


Cloud technology automates backup of your data at a safe and secure location and protects it from sudden power failure, natural disaster, or another crisis. Seamlessly access your data from the cloud without losing business continuity and productivity.


Use advanced out-of-the-box identity management, advanced automated monitoring and Infrastructure as Code capabilities to greatly streamline the process of governance.


Design and deploy complex security policies by leveraging advanced tools. You are always fully in control of who accesses your data and you have the evidence to prove it.


Integration with other systems is seamless and natural. The connections between different components of your solutions are often prebuilt.

Cloud Migration Framework

Illustration: Adastra's Cloud Migration Framework

Our comprehensive cloud migration framework is built to deliver substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

Needs Assessment

Before we set off on a journey, we need to know where you are headed, to affirm exactly what your objectives and needs are. The goal is to make sure that your IT choices reflect the goals of your business in the most efficient way.


Migration Discovery and Analysis

Once we know where we’re headed, we need to know where you presently stand. To answer that question, we execute a comprehensive IT landscape inventory. We note such things as the scope of your IT assets - servers, applications, data and information flows, along with their interdependencies and level of stability.

We also analyze where your users are located and appraise your connectivity to ensure that their applications work flawlessly in the cloud. We might discover that some of your applications are legacy and will benefit from upgrades.

Discovery and Analysis is a critical step. It's essential that it should be handled in a detailed and systematic way, and your involvement is invaluable.


Scope, Architecture and Sizing

A migration can be as quick as two weeks or take up to eight. This depends on the size and complexity of the job. In this phase, we deliver the best cloud architecture for your particular needs with focus on maximizing the ROI of the solution. Project scope and preliminary sizing for a PoC are also delivered as a part of this step.


Migration Planning and Scheduling

Transitions and migrations can be complex and (sometimes) messy. This is the phase where our transition team reviews all the detail and discusses how to best accommodate your particular needs throughout the transition. Each step of the physical transition is scheduled in advance. We pay special attention to questions like “What is the best time for a particular migration?”, “What is the impact on users?”, etc.


Provisioning Solutions

Time to build in the cloud. Servers. Storage. High availability. Disaster Recovery. Standard applications and environments are typically installed first. Next, we provision your custom business applications, which are in scope. Your user, group and system accounts are then created. We have a dedicated team that handles the deployment and management of information management applications (databases, data flows, analytics, etc.)


Testing and Training

Before going live, your applications should be tested in the cloud environment. We use automated and semi-automated tools to prove that your applications work exactly in the way you expect. Our testing methodologies do not focus exclusively on the correctness of all results. We pay special attention to non-functional requirements and metrics like performance efficiency, resource utilization, adaptability, fault tolerance, traceability and auditability.

Before going live, we also offer custom training sessions for everyone in the company that needs to be involved.


Go Live in the Cloud

Depending on how complex the migration is, we provide extra support throughout the process, and for several days afterwards. As for your organization, this is a major step towards digital transformation, business continuity, and operational resilience.


Business Case Validation

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