Data Governace Solutions

Data Governance Solutions

From Information Management To Information Mastery


Data Governance is vital to ensuring that your data is trusted, understood and of appropriate quality so that business users can fully exploit this valuable asset.

As organizations grow, the volume and complexity of data increase exponentially. Compounding the challenge are a growing number of user groups who interact with your data and can affect its integrity. A scalable, enterprise-wide Data Governance approach is central to ensuring the performance, quality, sustainability and scalability of your Information Management systems.

Data Governance is not an IT project; rather, it is a persistent system of people, processes and technological solutions aimed at delivering business value. At its essence, Data Governance is business driven, operationally focused, and centred on accountability for data as the lever that drives results.

The Goal

Complex technical and business environments involving multiple parties and systems require a Data Governance organizational structure and framework that aligns with all major Information Management practices of the organization. Data Governance offers a forum for solving data-related business issues according to well-defined policies and standards for how data and metrics are owned, managed, defined, propagated, and used throughout the enterprise.

Our Offer

Every Data Governance system is as unique as the organization it serves.

Start your program off with confidence with a fixed-price Needs and Capability Assessment.  Then, leverage Adastra’s knowledge and experience to design and build a Data Governance program that is to meet your organization’s particular needs and business priorities.

Data Governance Benefits:

  • Formalized corporate management of all critical data assets
  • Better quality data translates into lower Quality Assurance costs for complex data projects
  • Higher quality metadata and data documentation means faster ramp-ups, more precise results, and improved time-to-market
  • Enforce stringent requirements and standards without constant intervention
  • Meet or exceed regulatory requirements and avoid penalties
  • Ensure a single version of the truth for your organization

Adastra Services Include:

  • High-level Needs and Capabilities Assessments
  • Vision, objectives, organizational impact
  • Planning and Program Definition
  • Discovery, Scoping & Design
  • Define organization needs and priorities, major functions and responsibilities, org structure, roles, and roadmap
  • Implementation Support
  • Planning, support principles and policies through approvals, streamline processes and procedures

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