Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Accessible, On-Time And Accurate Master Data

On-time delivery of complete and accurate information is a bedrock requirement for today’s organizations to remain competitive. Frontline operational staff need consistent data about customers and products if service organizations are to truly become customer-centric. Just-in-time product management cannot function without regularly updated master records on product descriptions, availability, location, and transport capacity.

A solid Master Data Management strategy delivers an accessible and up-to-date single version of the truth (a.k.a. golden record), and enables process efficiencies, effective regulatory compliance, and meaningful cost-reduction.

Data Challenges

  • Operations suffer from inconsistent and incorrect data, and slow information retrieval
  • Redundant analysis and repeated data reconciliation due to lack of reliable information repository
  • Lack of sharing and comparing across the system results in lost opportunities
  • System upgrades require too many resources and cannot simply be done enterprise-wide

Adastra Services

Adastra helps companies in highly competitive markets achieve their goals and address business challenges through our Master Data Management services and solutions. Adastra has successfully implemented MDM across a broad spectrum of industries: banking, insurance, telecommunications, and all other industries with large amounts of data spread across departments.

Our Services Include:

  • Discovery and Awareness
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • MDM Program audit
  • MDM Business value assessment
  • MDM Workshop for stakeholders
  • Planning and Program Definition
  • MDM Strategy and program definition
  • MDM Framework/methodology establishment
  • MDM Solution architecture
  • MDM Technology selection
  • MDM Implementation roadmap

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