RPA Use Case for Insurance

Automated Insurance Policy Coverage Expansions

Business Case

An insurance company wants to address customer requests for policy claims, that has consistently proven to consume a lot of processing time. After a thorough analysis it was discovered that more than 30% of the applications lack the full set of required attached documents. These cases prevent the responsible employees from taking a definitive resolution of the application and require additional time for later reinspection of the claim.

How RPA can help

  • Bot verifies the set of enclosed documents.
  • The bot sends notifications to the customers by SMS or email if more documents are needed.
  • Applications sent back to the client are regularly checked for an update.
  • Bot moves only fully equipped applications forward.

Expected Outcomes

  • Top levels of customer satisfaction
  • Less than 1% of incomplete applications reach claim processing employees
  • Up to 35% more claims processed daily

delays caused by human errors

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