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GCP Data Loss Prevention

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25. 2. 2021, 20:00 (EET)           1 Hour

As the promise of cloud becomes a reality, data is becoming more easily accessible and shareable. With the growing number of opportunities to leverage and exploit the value of data rising, so do the potential for accidental distribution or ill-intentioned breaches of data.

Ensuring data privacy should be top of mind for organizations, especially for those storing sensitive client data such as personal identification information (PII), financial records, etc. Both Cloud and on-prem data stores provide many intuitive data security features; however, further fortifying data management can provide added peace of mind when in the event of a potential attack.

Join Adastra and Google Cloud as we explore how your organizations can add a secondary layer of protection to data, with Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Learn how you can discover, classify, and protect your most sensitive data for efficient and managed data protection.

What Will You Learn?

Importance of Data Security

How to de-identifying data to mitigate risk of malicious attacks

Approach to implementing DLP, across job functions and cloud platforms

How to get started with GCP Data Loss Prevention and Adastra



David Hamilton, GCP Alliance Director, Adastra


Shahzad Salim, Partner Engineer, Google